The future of media relations: Ensure your narrative cuts through the noise

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With shrinking newsrooms and a glut of messages bombarding consumers, it’s more important than ever to employ savvy pitching strategies and flex storytelling muscles to bend journalists’ ears—and capture the eyes of their readers. Tamra Johnson, national spokesperson and PR manager for AAA, will show you how to grab headlines and get your news out there through a combination of media relations prowess and self-publishing mastery.

You’ll learn:

  • How to act like a PR pro but think like a journalist
  • Ways to capture current trends and specific publications’ angles in your pitches
  • How to build an interesting online newsroom and thriving content distribution strategy that supports media relations efforts
  • Why visuals and videos are essential to storytelling efforts—and how to include them in your pitches and more
November 2019

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Tamra Johnson is a national spokesperson for AAA, managing media relations for the association’s public affairs team in Washington, D.C. She focuses on traffic safety and transportation issues, which include driver distraction, impaired driving, teen driver safety, infrastructure funding and other public policies that affect drivers. Johnson previously was community relations and marketing director for St. Vincent Catholic Charities. Before that, she worked as a television journalist, covering breaking news on-air and online.