Fire Up Your Workforce! Six Steps to Employee Engagement

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In today's disruptive business market, executives count on the commitment, passion and creativity of their employees to achieve ambitious goals. Yet studies show the majority of workers have checked out. We communicators have the power to transform a workforce of renters into owners of the company. But how do you inspire emotional commitment and show tangible results? It's all about winning: people must understand how to be achievers, not just careerists, at your company. Tina Davis will let you in on proven tactics to help you create a culture of engagement, excitement and ownership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crystalize strategy and goals with infographics and metaphors people can grasp
  • Open a candid dialogue, so employees feel safe pitching, refining and reinventing ideas
  • Unleash employee ingenuity through online tools and social communities
  • Promote learning and empower people to own and advance their careers
  • Use storytelling to celebrate and model success
  • Deliver clear outcomes and measurements
September 2016

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Tina Davis re-invents communications and engagement for thousands of engineers at Comcast. She and her leaders have built a culture of candor and open dialogue, where new ideas can thrive. To support this, Tina has created internal social communities and blogs where employees share expertise and offer feedback on each other's ideas. She promotes career development and innovation and uses data visualization to crystalize strategies and goals—so employees know how to succeed.