Finding content producers: Save yourself work and ferret out your organization’s best stories

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You never know. You may have an expert on sustainability lurking in the IT department, fuming over your organization’s waste of paper.

And he or she might even prove to be an outstanding blogger, according to Stephanie Dlugopolski, manager of PR and social media at Johnsonville Sausage.

How to ferret out such internal experts? Join us for the Ragan Training video, “Finding content producers: Save yourself work and ferret out your organization’s best stories."

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Recruit and build your internal news team—from all parts of the organization
  • Source the best stories and storytellers for maximum engagement and impact
  • Sell executives and managers about how their team's time and content provide great value
  • Create and manage an internal editorial calendar to build efficiency for your intranet
  • Reward and recognize employees (and get their voice for your intranet at the same time)

Looking for tips on sourcing the best stories in your organization? Hoping to recruit storytellers to put to work telling people about the good that you do or the products you sell?

Stephanie Dlugopolski tells how to celebrate the work employees do behind the scenes to make your organization hum. 

Before you recruit, find out how to strategize and focus on your audiences. It’s true what they say—content is king—but it’s really a dyarchy, with conversation serving as a coequal tsar.

Find out how to keep your audiences in mind: global, factory, mobile, and volunteers. Find out how to start an editorial board that will be the eyes and ears of your company.  Pull in decision-makers to advise you.

Keep focused. Your content should inform, educate, engage, and celebrate. Glean ideas for sourcing ideas. Surveys, sure. But that departing employee might have some ideas in the exit interview, if only you’d ask.

Launch a campaign with a call for content. And that switchboard operator who stares vacantly out the glass doors of your office park lobby? You might be surprised at the story lines she comes up with.

Start recruiting your army of content producers with the help of Stephanie Dlugopolski and other Ragan Training experts.

March 2014

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Stephanie Dlugopolski

Stephanie Dlugopolski is manager of PR and social media at Johnsonville Sausage. Previously she was the associate/corporate communications manager and senior communications leader-global power at Kohler Co. where she worked for 10 years. She is experienced in building an intranet strategy that boosts employee engagement, organizational communication, and productivity. She believes that through storytelling on the intranet, you can bring the human side of an organization to life. Dlugopolski has served in both media relations and internal communications for manufacturing, agency and health care organizations. She got into PR after serving as a news reporter, sports reporter and business editor for magazine and newspapers.