Executive video: How to get senior leaders to be at ease with and trust your video team

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Do your senior leaders sweat like pigs, repeatedly stammer “uh,” or blink like Saddam Hussein under bombardment?

Do you have the sneaking suspicion that employees are phoning Mom, painting their toenails or filling out their tax returns during your webcasts?

Learn from Microsoft Production Studios how it works with top executives from former CEO Bill Gates to current top boss Steve Ballmer. And find out how it uses TV journalism principles to make its webcasts dynamic and fun.

In this tip-filled session, you'll learn:

  • The proven methods Microsoft uses to capture the best from executives
  • How you can bring executive webcasts to a new level of excellence
  • How to create a “white glove” service for executives and their communication teams
  • How to jazz up your webcasts with real content, not fluff
  • How to put your execs in the best light possible—literally

Take a backstage look at the production studios that have made Microsoft a leader in corporate video—and in executive communications that are crisp, smart and on-point. The team's facility, suppliers and procedures have been refined over the years to make the most of each Microsoft executive's time in the studio.

Learn from a company that produces 3,000 videos a year in a session that includes examples. Started in 1997, the studio is the largest media production facility in the Pacific Northwest.

The studio’s philosophy is: Anything executives need, any time they need it, the studio will come through, no matter what the deadline. Hear how the studio removes barriers and lets the bigwigs be themselves.

Walk with Schoonover through a typical interview in the studio, using Ballmer as an example. Find out how early the crew arrives, how much lead time they need before the bigwig shows up, how backgrounds are set up and how the staff scripts for the big boss.

Hear about how not being prepared when Ballmer once showed up early led to a new mandate: Be ready an hour in advance.

Thinking of going into or expanding your webcasting? Tap into the experience of a company that does 250 webcasts a year. (The largest drew 400,000 viewers from 30 countries.) Think of webcasting as producing a TV show, not recording a meeting. Learn to apply the principles of television journalism to your webcasts, so it’s interesting for the online audience.

Find out how to improve the user experience for those who aren’t in the room. Does an hour-long meeting really have to make an hour-long webcast? Or could you cut it? How about offering exclusive online content?

Learn how Microsoft used webcasting to create a global feel for its company meeting. Find out how it gives the audience a voice. See how Microsoft used a TV format to broadcast coverage of itself.

December 2012

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Presenter bio: 

John Schoonover

John Schoonover is senior executive producer of Microsoft Production Studios. He has held this position since 2007 with a special emphasis on creating media for the Senior Leadership Team. Schoonover is a 30-year veteran in broadcasting and production. He has served as promotion director and creative director for various television stations including KING5/NBC in Seattle.