Evolve Your Company's Brand and Your Skills for a Mobile-social World

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In 2007, there were 400,000 tweets per quarter on Twitter. Today there are 500 million tweets per day.

What happened?

June 29, 2007, was the day that changed communication—and led to innumerable sleepless nights for you, the communicator. The iPhone was released, the social media revolution took off, and PR’s job was no longer just about pitching reporters.

The news cycle and social conversation never stop. AT&T alone gets 650,000 tweets and mentions every month on Facebook and Twitter. But have your communications really changed as radically as needed in this new era?

Key Takeaways:

  • Why brands must be more agile, quick-to-act, open-minded, and ready to act 24/7
  • Why communicators must constantly deepen, broaden and future-proof our skills
  • Why resisting social media means failure for brands and the communicators behind them
  • What we can learn from digital and social-first journalists
  • How to use data-driven insights to spark creativity and build compelling content
  • How to enlist advocates to tell your story
  • Why communicators must bridge parts of the business and consumers
  • Why it's important to hone some old-school techniques, such as collaborating face-to-face and talking on the phone
November 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Larry Solomon, senior vice president of corporate communication, oversees reputation management, media relations, executive communications, financial communications, digital and social media and employee communications for AT&T Inc.