Everyone Edits: A Guide to Writing and Editing from Ragan's Executive Editor

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In “Everyone Edits,” Ragan Communications Executive Editor Rob Reinalda shares lessons and insights culled from three decades in print and online journalism.

This half-hour video presentation will teach you:

  • Why editing is the most crucial part of the writing process
  • How to structure your email, blog post, or pitch for maximum impact
  • The ideal length for your opening sentence
  • How to clear away needless words so your primary points shine through
  • How to explain your changes to the author (who might be signing your paycheck)

Reinalda also offers:

  • A handful of grammar basics that are easy to remember, and vital for your credibility
  • When to use whoever and whomever
  • Real writers’ gaffes—and how unwanted laughs ruin your authority
  • The secret to finding verbal “fish bones” that make your content unpalatable
  • Before-and-after examples of tightening copy

Isn’t it worth your time to learn how to spin straw into gold? Join Reinalda for this double-header. You’re sure to leave a better writer.

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May 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Rob Reinalda

Rob Reinalda is the executive editor at Ragan Communications. He spent 28 years in print journalism, including 25 years as an editor at publications such as the New York Daily News and the Chicago Tribune. He joined Ragan in 2008. His essays on language and writing can be found on www.ragan.com and on The Huffington Post. Follow Reinalda on Twitter @word_czar.