Emotionally engage employees through communications

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Communications plays a central role in sustaining passion among employees who want to bring their best to work every day.

“With emotional engagement, everybody wins,” Tiffany Payette says. “Everybody is a success. The business is a success. The employees are happy and motivated and feel like they have that purpose in their lives. And the customers ... are treated the way they want to be treated.”

How to achieve that that? In this session you will learn how to:

  • Integrate your organization's mission, vision and values into every day communications
  • Garner support from peers and leaders across your organization
  • Emotionally engage employees through various communication channels
  • Foster emotionally engaged employees by learning strategies from Best Places to Work
  • Identify what's DIS-engaging your employees

In oncology treatment, anybody can get the equipment.  What makes the difference is your people.

Leadership support is paramount. Managers create sustainable engagement. They must focus on meaningful work for their teams by creating a sense of autonomy, generating positive interactions, and discussing career opportunities and development.

Find out how to use communications to increase engagement. Stakeholders must understand and support the mission and vision and demonstrate the values of their organization.

Learn how to bolster communication channels that increase engagement. Find out the importance of patient impact statements.

Gather ideas from staff bashes to new hire orientations. Find out how to celebrate life, hope, joy, and pride. And learn best practices for video.

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March 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Tiffany Payette is director of talent communications at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Johanna Dillon is director of empowered performance at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.