Drive discovery of your organization’s stories: Tactics to earn more attention

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Did you know that 82 percent of IT decision-makers have trouble finding trustworthy content while they buy?

So what does this mean to you? Audience behavior has changed. People are looking for “granular stuff,” says Sarah Skerik. And they are OK with branded content.

So where’s your content? Brands that haven’t published supporting content are eliminated from consideration right out of the gates. Is your organization capturing your audience’s interest?

Find out how. This session covers:

  • The mechanics of content discovery by your audiences
  • The life span of the content you publish
  • How to identify audiences and build relationships with influencers to pique interest in your brand
  • Build wider, more penetrating distribution into all your communications
  • Formatting content to ensure discovery and encourage social sharing

Hear about the evolution of the media and subsequent changes in audience behavior. Find out about conversational search and the social media connection. And come away with new tactics for driving content discovery.

December 2013

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Sarah Skerik is the vice president of content marketing for PR Newswire, where she oversees all marketing content, using varied content formats and platforms to acquire audience attention, build engagement, generate qualified leads, boost sales and improve customer retention. Her other jobs with PR Newswire: social media, product management, channel development and sales.