Do you have a “people strategy”? Can you articulate it in less than 2 minutes?

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It’s what your bigwigs want, isn’t it? A workplace full of people committed to your organizational objectives.

“A great place, to a leader, is one that has people who want to give their best to the company every day,” says Greg Moyer, who helped build such a culture at Snagajob. “And ‘want’ is a key word there.”

The question is how to do that. In the Ragan Training video “Do you have a people strategy? Can you articulate it in less than 2 minutes?” Moyer and Shawn Boyer tell how to achieve business results by creating an environment of what sounds suspiciously like decency and mutual respect.

In this session the two lay out pointers for organizations that want to turn employees who resemble Dilbert’s Wally into an excited, engaged team of colleagues. Learn:

  • How to inspire them with real stories from work
  • Why you should go all-out in welcoming newcomers to your staff
  • Why Snagajob executives embrace “servant leadership”
  • How to land employees who are both nice to work with and tough competitors

Turns out cracking the whip isn’t the best way to communicate with and motivate staff. There is a bottom-line value to working among people who like your organization and who embrace its strategic vision.

Learn to use meetings to inspire. Do your staffers nod off in meetings? What if they came away excited by great stories that they’d eagerly share at dinner parties or around the Thanksgiving table? That’s what Snagajob’s 250 staffers (or “snaggers”) get at their weekly gathering.

Hear how Snagajob uses customer testimonials—like the single mom who wrote to say the site had helped her land the job of her dreams—in the home decorating department at JCPenney. Thanks to her new job, she could afford Christmas presents for her kids. Or the one who said the job she landed will help her support a relative with cancer.

Learn to trust your employees. Snagajob has a workplace bar with beer on tap where staffers can quaff a brew at the end of the day. Sometimes people ask, “Aren’t you worried about the liability?” But Moyer says Snagajob has never had a problem with any lampshade-on-the-head antics.

“You get what you expect,” he says.

Involve your staff in job interviews. Staffers participate in talking to candidates. Find out why high priority is given to characteristics such as compassion, humility and competitiveness.

“That is a common theme that runs through the organization,” Moyer says. “They all want to win.”

Grab pointers for welcoming your new hires. Boyer sends everyone he hires a personal note with a $100 gift certificate. He tells them take their significant other out to dinner. As a result, the spouse or partner ends up enthusiastic about the company, too.

Hear about Snagajob’s “sidekicks” who help people settle in, and why the bosses hurl candy bars in welcome meetings for newcomers.

Find out more and reap results in employee good will and productivity. Start here.

November 2013

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Shawn Boyer is founder and chairman of the board of Snagajob, the nation's largest hourly employment network. His hourly insights have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Good Morning America, CNN, and in daily newspapers throughout the nation. He is the author of “Help Wanted & Help Found: The Insiders' Guide to Recruiting and Hiring Hourly Workers.” Boyer was named the 2008 National Small Business Person of the Year by the U. S. Small Business Administration and received public recognition from President George W. Bush. Snagajob has been named to Fortune Magazine's Great Place to Work’s Best Small & Medium Workplaces list and Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 for the past five years.

Greg Moyer is the founder and principal of The Culture Advantage, a strategy and human capital consulting firm in Richmond. VA, that helps organizations create a competitive advantage through people and culture. Greg is a seasoned HR executive and consultant and has been recognized nationally for his expertise in building highly engaging and productive workplace cultures. Formerly, Greg served as senior vice president and chief people officer of Snagajob.