Do the Right Thing: Preserving reputation through a year-long crisis

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What if, following a series of racially charged incidents, your organization found itself at the center of intense media scrutiny and a federal investigation?

That’s what happened to Lehigh University, a top-40 research institution that reaped a whirlwind of bad PR. Successfully overcoming such a crisis has more to do with an organization's character than your skills in slickly managing the news.

Do the right thing, says Lehigh’s Jordan Reese. Only then the tools at your disposal—from your people to your social media—become effective weapons in your fight to restore your reputation.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to work with media to minimize negative coverage and humanize your organization
  • How to marshal your organization's various departments—and values—to support messaging
  • Why knowing your organization, its history and its stakeholders, is the best way to prepare for a crisis
  • Why the best defense against criticism is probably right under your nose
  • Why social media (a crisis game-changer) is something to use, not fear
October 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Jordan Reese

Jordan Reese is Lehigh University's director of media relations and spokesperson. He focuses on national media outreach, plans for the inevitable crisis, and watches for the next social media platform to cause campus chaos