Digital Signage and Employee Communications: Key lessons from Microsoft

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Did you know that in the last few years, digital signage (DS) has transformed into a fantastically effective way to inform visitors and employees about your brand, about your mission, about who you are, even about your products?

Digital signage is not going away. And it’s ubiquitous—it’s everywhere.

Have you eaten recently at a restaurant that uses digital? Daniel Orme-Doutre, the senior content producer for digital signage at Microsoft, predicts that in five years, all fast-food restaurants will have gone to digital signage.

Hotels have digital kiosks that help you find your way around the city. Airports offer iPads and touch screens in a little areas all over the terminal. The future is touch-screen digital interactivity.

Digital signage lets internal communicators control and display incredible, complex, visual, interactive content for the first time. The key word is “control.” Even employees can exercise some over digital signage content on an interactive touch screen.

In this seminal video, you’ll hear the inside story of how Orme-Doutre sold 17 huge Microsoft business units on the advantages of one uniform, unified digital signage system.

You’ll get the big and small pictures of digital signage at a global behemoth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 3 digital-signage term definitions you must know
  • How digital signage works: From user’s screen back to content creation
  • How to recognize whether DS has died in your workplace
  • How to get the crucial balance between local and corporate-wide news on your DS
  • Why you shouldn’t talk cost-savings when you sell DS to your organization
  • Why you shouldn’t talk about the ROI, but rather the Return on Objectives of DS
  • The 7 vital objectives that Microsoft’s new DS program met in a relatively short time
October 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Daniel Orme-Doutre

Daniel Orme-Doutre is a certified digital signage expert with more than 14 years of digital event and signage experience. Daniel has been with Microsoft for more than a decade and attended the Digital Signage Expo five years ago to fulfill his goal to build a digital signage network for Microsoft. He is senior content publisher for Microsoft's internal digital signage and new media technologies. He moonlights as operations & marketing director for a local haunted attraction.

Paolo Tosolini

Paolo Tosolini is director of emerging media at RUN Studios, a major creative video agency in Seattle, WA. Paolo helps organizations embrace the latest interactive online video and mobile technologies for their internal communications and knowledge-sharing programs. In his former job as new media business manager at Microsoft, Paolo launched and managed the company internal YouTube platform called "Academy Mobile" which hosts more than 35,000 employee videos.