Digital PR strategies for Instagram and beyond that help even unsexy brands 'see the light'

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You don’t have to have a popular sports, food or entertainment brand to be successful on social media: You can also effectively relay important information, change perceptions and provide customer care no matter your organization’s size, industry or consumer sentiment. David Johnston, social media manager for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), will share how humor and storytelling through visuals on Instagram, blog posts and other social media content can help you shed negative sentiment, forge connections with followers and boost your brand, no matter what your industry.

You’ll learn:

  • Where to find unique, authentic content for your brand
  • Tips for telling your organization’s narrative and changing perceptions even when you receive backlash
  • How to take pages from successful social media playbooks, regardless of size or budget
  • Steps for providing customer care while maintaining your brand voice
March 2020

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Presenter bio: 

David Johnston is the social media manager for the Transportation Security Administration, where he leads strategy and execution for all social media initiatives. He and his team are responsible for educating the traveling public through several social media platforms. He also oversees the agency’s social customer care program, known as @AskTSA. During his three decades in the communications field, Johnston has served three federal agencies. He is a frequent conference speaker on the topics of social media and customer care and also serves as media director for a national nonprofit organization.