Delivering happiness to keep employees engaged and customers coming back

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How many companies seek not just to move product, but to start a movement?

But that’s what Zappos is doing. Its higher purpose isn’t selling Vaneli high heels and Jersey tuck dresses, but creating a happiness movement.

“Happy employees can lead to better workplaces and a more profitable business,” says Jamie Naughton, Zappos’ “Speaker of the House.”

Naughton reveals the ingredients of Zappos's “culture of happiness,” the philosophy responsible for a unique brand that breeds loyal and passionate customers, influencers and followers.

She explains how happiness started out as a book (CEO Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness). But a bus tour to promote the book turned into something deeper along the way.

A European tourist shouted, “God bless America!” from the top of a double-decker bus in New York’s Times Square. A woman confided she needed happiness after her sister’s friend committed suicide. And others caught the spirit of happiness the brand was offering.

Naughton explain why happiness is a way of life for Zappos. And it can work for your organization as well.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you must deliver happiness to build your brand
  • Why Zappos requires every employee—even its CEO—to work in the call center during the holiday rush
  • Why Zappos offers cash to prospective employees in training to turn down the job
  • It doesn’t matter what your values are; it matters how committed you are to them

Don’t think Zappos culture will work for your company? Well, that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter what your core values are, as long as you commit to them, Naughton insists.

Learn how to pursue the larger vision and greater purpose in your work beyond money or profits. If you hire employees who embrace your vision, you needn’t worry about what they might say to the press. Zappos doesn’t escort reporters around when they visit its Las Vegas headquarters, but allows them to talk to any employee they wish to.

Find out why Zappos allows employees to ask anonymous questions—and why it publishes them for everyone, even when someone has gone on a negative rant.

Discover how to pursue the larger vision and greater purpose in your work beyond money or profits. Find out how vision and culture inspire passion and purpose.

Find out how happiness will drive your business, your brand and you personally. Be about more than motivation; be about inspiration.

February 2013

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Jamie Naughton

Jamie Naughton joined, Inc. in 2004 right after the company relocated from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. As “Speaker of the House,” Jamie works directly with CEO Tony Hsieh, nurturing the culture for which the company has become known. Her role as architect of Zappos’ dynamic culture as well as her direction of its culture R&D ensure that stays relevant to employees and customers. Jamie travels the country to work with world renowned organizations, authors, researchers and business leaders. She spreads the word that by putting employees first,  the amazing fact is that outrageous customer service inevitably follows. That’s how good companies can become legendary companies.