Customer experience as brand: Step inside GE Garages, become a designer, an inventor, an innovator

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Many people think of GE as the company Thomas Edison formed 130 years ago.

So how to convey the ongoing innovation born every day at GE? How can the global brand—and organizations like yours—share their stories?

Learn how GE Garages allows consumers to operate a laser cutter and other tools to make crazy objects and learn about the company’s role in creating futuristic manufacturing.

Step into the Garage and Jenna Pelkey will fill you in on:

  • How to do experience-driven content marketing
  • Why partners are invaluable
  • The balance between brand presence and brand value
  • The astonishing power of letting the reins go
  • The importance of iteration

Why “garages”? Hewlett-Packard started out in the garage of a Silicon Valley dreamer in the mid-l950s, Pelkey says. The American garage is an icon, a touchstone of the American belief in individual inspiration, and GE Garages bring that national faith to life in a tactile, immediate way that stuns those who try it out.

This is content marketing in which the story is you. The product springs from your mind. You are the narrative, the drama, and your experience links GE and progress and innovation in consumers' minds far more indelibly than the famous GE TV ads of the l960s ever did.

Join Pelkey, who leads the program for GE, for a closer look at where this program started, how it changed and what GE learned along the way. Start with Ragan Training.

December 2013

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Jenna Pelkey

Jenna Pelkey is manager of marketing communications at GE Corporate. Jenna leads the global brand marketing team. She develops experiential programs and events, and identifies partnership and sponsorship opportunities to support the brand's marketing. Examples of her work include the GE Works Centre at the 2012 London Olympic Games, the GE Garages platform, key media events such as Minds + Machines 2012 and GE Works in America, and managing relationships such as TED, TEDMed, MAKE, TechShop, Behance and Chicago Ideas Week.