Creating a culture of storytelling and innovation

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There is no shortage of content for today’s consumers or employees, and communicators are fighting for attention spans as the media landscape becomes increasingly cluttered. As we’re bombarded by information, visuals and data, stories about people accomplishing amazing things can break through the noise and help communicators’ messages stick. Steve Clayton, chief storyteller at Microsoft, will share how he and his Innovation, Culture & Stories team help shape Microsoft’s brand image and showcase the company’s innovation through internal and external storytelling. You’ll learn how he’s built a team of storytellers who drive compelling narratives and insights, and how you can find and tell your organization’s most important tales.

October 2019

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Steve Clayton is chief storyteller at Microsoft and general manager of Microsoft’s Innovation, Culture and Stories team. The team is responsible for the company’s storytelling, with a focus on employees, media, customers, partners and candidates. Clayton was the architect of the acclaimed “88 Acres” story that heralded a new direction for Microsoft’s corporate storytelling and led to the creation of His team creates a wide variety of content including keynote demos for Satya Nadella, Microsoft Life, the company intranet, social channels and wide range of storytelling that has helped transform the culture of Microsoft. Prior to this, Clayton was director of cloud strategy in Microsoft International and CTO of Microsoft's UK Partner Group. He has worked at Microsoft since 1997 in a range of sales and technical roles, always with a passion for technology and its potential impact on the world. He has been awarded the Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award three times during his career.