Create remarkable corporate video: 10 tips

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Near the start of this compelling session, Guy Bauer compares two brief videos:

1) A Boniva ad featuring actress Sally Field. Technically flawless. Perfect audio. Great music and graphics. A-list talent.

2) Grainy footage of Neil Armstrong stepping out on the surface of the moon. It’s backlighted. It’s grainy. The audio sucks.

Which is better produced? The commercial, of course.

But which will you never forget? Well, you know the answer.

Want to create unforgettable video? Study the secrets of video storytelling with Guy Bauer. You'll learn:

  • The importance of telling great stories no matter what kind of business you're in
  • How to pick a production company
  • Why you must be authentic and how to inject authenticity into your video
  • How to figure out what kind of video to make
  • How to interview on-camera

Whether you press the “record” button, or oversee the videographers who do that, this session is for you.

And whether you make video for internal or external audiences, it is full of practical tips that will turn dull organizational videos into winners.

Always remember the moon landing. It’s really just about what you’re shooting. If you’re flustered, slap the camera in automatic and remember that it’s not about technique, it’s about your story.

Offering deceptively simple tips such as “think ahead,” “copy others,” and “don’t make people act” (please), Bauer will have you thinking in entirely new ways about your video production.

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November 2013

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Guy Bauer

Guy Bauer is a corporate video production guru with over 15 years of experience telling compelling stories through video.