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Instead of pitches that fall by the wayside of a busy reporter’s cluttered inbox, PR pros can stand out by creating and sharing thumb-stopping content that starts conversations. That’s the aim for Hugo Rojo, NPR’s social media communications manager, who works with NPR’s media relations team to spearhead buzz-generating initiatives around the organization’s journalism and content efforts, including popular podcasts such as “How I Built This” and Hidden Brain. By focusing on storytelling and the outstanding content NPR already creates, Hugo is able to increase engagement and grow fan evangelism—and he’ll show you how you can do the same with your campaigns.

Key Highlights:

  • How to uncover and craft compelling stories that your audiences want to hear
  • Tips on listening to your audience—and using that feedback to inform your PR efforts
  • How social media and content efforts can boost your PR and media relations aims
  • Alternative ways to generate interest and conversations with journalists and consumers
  • How to approach media relations and content creation as a media organization does
April 2018

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Presenter bio: 

Hugo Rojo is the corporate social media communications manager with NPR‘s media relations team, where he helps spearhead buzz-generating initiatives around its journalism, programming and people. Rojo’s role includes developing organization- and networkwide communications efforts to drive engagement, coverage, tune-in, podcast downloads, fan evangelism and brand love. Rojo brings four years of pre-professional and internship experience and has held PR and integrated communications roles in public education, government, news media, entertainment, nonprofit and agency settings.