Content Disciplined by Big Data: How to mine data to create content and experiences that engage consumers

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On the one hand, there’s the cream cheese ad that shows an animated version of production, from the udders of happy cows to the refrigerator.

On the other, there’s a recipe for a “luscious four-layer pumpkin cake” that is emailed to the addresses of willing food freaks.

The first is advertising. The second is content—something people willingly seek out, rather than something they mute during breaks in their TV show.

Are you creating content people want, or trying to ram your brand message down people’s throats? Do you gather data to tell you if you’re doing it right? Are you able to prove the value of your output?

Join Kraft Foods’ Julie Fleischer for this eye-opening session. Whether you’re already doing content marketing, or worried you’ve missed the boat, you’ll come away inspired.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Kraft Foods thinks about data
  • The closed loop relationship between content and data
  • How the combination of content and data yields three times the ordinary ROI on media
  • The next generation of native advertising
  • How to turn corporate marketing from a cost to a profit center
December 2013

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Julie Fleischer

Julie Fleischer is director, media and consumer engagement for Kraft Foods Group. She places hundreds of millions of dollars in media spots on television, print, digital and social channels for one of the leading consumer packaged goods companies in North America.