Communicating in a Screenless World: Get ready for chatbots, augmented reality and mixed reality

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All the signs point to the gradual shift from a screen-driven communication environment to a world in which pulling a screen out of your pocket will be so, like, 15 minutes ago. Many of the skills communicators take for granted today will be all but obsolete as we learn to write scripts for chatbots (both text and voice-enabled) and ensure content is accessible through augmented and mixed reality platforms. In this eye-opening session, communication technology specialist Shel Holtz will introduce you to the state of these emerging channels, project how they will replace the smartphone, and show how you can ease the transition of your communication strategies to accommodate these exciting technologies.

Key Highlights:

  • Why messaging apps will lead to the screenless interface
  • Why the rise of "hearables" will change the way we communicate
  • The role of scripting in communications departments and agencies
  • Why "one true answer" will change the ways we optimize for search
  • Why augmented reality will become a common communications tool this year
July 2017

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Presenter bio: 

Shel Holtz, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, is a leader in organizational communications. For nearly 40 years he's consulted to the world's largest organizations and trained thousands of communicators. Holtz has topped the speakers' list at IABC's World Conference more than once and has always landed in the top five. Holtz is a pioneer podcaster, launching "For Immediate Release" in 2005. He's blogged since 2004, discussing communication with his many followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Holtz has also written six books on digital and social media. He is an IABC Fellow, a Founding Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research and a Platinum Fellow of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. @shelholtz