Come on, Get Happy: How Expedia enhances employee engagement online.

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Communicators are culture-shakers and buzz-makers. So how are you shaping your workplace to make employees happy?

Not your job? Do those sorry mugs deserve whatever misery they bring upon themselves?

Think again. A commitment to employee contentment makes a difference in how your business runs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to inspire a workforce so they love coming to the office and embrace your vision
  • That strategy can be sexy
  • How video can get the attention of distracted employees
  • How partnering with PR and IR extends reach, resources, and budget
  • The importance of sharing relevant news
  • How Expedia uses a global intranet called BaseCamp
  • How Expedia got staffers to take their vacation time—and why it mattered that they did
  • What Expedia learned the hard way as it introduced new tools to email addicts
  • What channels drive a new health and wellness program
  • Ideas to get the attention of distracted employees used to reading posts and tweets
  • Why not everything has to be online; look at your halls and walls

Quit looking so glum. Life is short. You, too, can create a great workplace by delivering happiness to your employees. Learn how Expedia established a corporate culture that led to a thriving, successful and happy company. Find out how to inspire a workforce so they love coming to the office and embrace your vision. Employee participation and enthusiasm isn’t just about having the right tools: It’s about being the right organization.

Begun as a project within Microsoft, Expedia was a pioneer in the dotcom boom. Fifteen years later, the company is Expedia, Inc., the world’s largest online travel company, employing more than 9,000 people in 36 countries.

Communicating across time zones to employees who are impatient with by-the-book procedures, Expedia tackles internal conversation, collaboration and community using both traditional and social channels.

Hear how Expedia adapts to social and traditional channels inform and inspire employees.

The goal is to get employees to share professional and personal content through tools on a global intranet called BaseCamp. The mix of tools on BaseCamp helps workers cultivate corporate culture, deepens its employee value proposition, and boosts Expedia’s brand.

Learn how a wellness program—including an in-office clinic—improved staff health. This was an important goal in a travel company, so employees don’t end up sick on the road.

April 2013

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Kristen Graham (@kristingraham) leads employee programs for Expedia’s companies, which have more than 70 points of sale in more than 40 countries. Her team oversees employee communication and events, philanthropy, learning and development, diversity, and engagement/branding initiatives. She has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.