The canary in the coal mine: Crisis communications in the information age

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From sophisticated activist investors and NGOs to online campaigns and citizen journalists, no organization these days is immune from a crisis. Most aren’t good at anticipating the “canary in the coal mine”—and crisis teams aren’t always on the same page as their adversaries. They’re accustomed to reacting as communicators have done for seventy years. Crises now operate at the speed of light, leaving little time for reaction, only anticipation and preparation. We now must be proactive. This requires a radical transformation of how we do our jobs in today’s corporate structure. Join to hear what it will take to break down silos and improve risk intelligence so you can successfully embrace the speed, transparency and trust necessary to survive (and thrive) in today’s climate of constant conflict and crisis.

Key Highlights:

  • How ideas become movements—plus, how to identify threats and anticipate crises
  • Speed, trust, transparency—the key elements of the new, proactive crisis PR
  • How to use peacetime wisely—from risk intelligence to identifying allies
  • The importance of striking down silos so all departments work together
  • Insights into empowering communicators and engaging C-suites in a 24/7 crisis world
May 2018

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Richard Levick is chairman and CEO of LEVICK. Under his leadership, the firm has set new standards in global communications and brand protection for corporations, countries and major institutions. He’s featured in and has authored countless articles, and is a frequent guest on prime-time national and international television programs. Levick is also a sought-after keynote speaker and a columnist for the top business blogs, including Forbes. He has co-authored five books, including, “The Communicators: Leadership in the Age of Crisis,” “Stop the Presses; The Crisis and Litigation PR Desk Reference,” “365 Marketing Meditations” and “Lessons for Absent Children.” @Levick