Break into TV and digital video: 10 ways to get TV and digital video producers to listen to your pitches (and 10 ways to get them to ignore you)

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In this two-hour session, you'll learn how to get creative and stand out from the countless other pitches producers receive.

Discover how to pitch—and how to get your emails and calls ignored.

Topics include:

  • The video pitch: why a short email with a link to a YouTube video pitching your product or company is better than your wittiest text-heavy email
  • Target digital: Why digital video outlets must be at the top of your pitch list
  • How to break into these outlets
  • Create meaningful B-roll: How to think like a video producer and control every element of the story they need
  • Compete with pre-paid sponsorships: How to make it to air with your pitch in a sea of paid advertorials disguised as feature segments
  • Create an online video newsroom: It's simple and you probably already have every resource you need in-house

Learn to ask the questions:

Why? Why is this story important? What is the value of a network or station using our airtime to tell it? Does it entertain and educate? Does it evoke an emotional connection? Does the audience already care or do you have to make them care?

Who? Who’s going to be angry when we do this story? The viewer? The brass? The clients? The host who didn’t get to do it?

How? How is the story going to look? How much access can the station get? How much gear can the TV crew bring? How much time does the station want to devote to producing the piece? How long will the piece be?

$$$? How much of a show’s resources is a story going to cost? Is the cost worth the payoff? Is this going to cost the show a client, a producer his job? If “maybe,” is it worth the risk?

Don’t fire off random pitches in the dark. Learn to do it right. Start with Ragan Training.

April 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Justin Allen is the CEO and head of content at Ruckus Factory Digital Studios, a Chicago-based content incubator and production house. Previously, Justin worked at TouchVision, Tribune Broadcasting, and Ragan Consulting. He has created news, feature, documentary and comedy digital content and TV shows that were (and still are) syndicated nationally on CBS, FOX, NBC, the CW, the Huffington Post, Yahoo!, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Associated Press and many others. Justin's start-up expertise is TV and digital production companies, content and marketing strategy, and partner development. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two daughters and odd little dog. @Allen_Justin