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Perhaps you’ve heard of The New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning series “Snow Fall,” which won 3.5 million page views in six days.

Brilliant—but not something a brand can replicate, right?

Wrong. Red Bull’s videos and other content about a man skydiving from the edge of space earned 50 million page views in four days.

That means branded content generated 15 times the engagement in two thirds the time.

Thinking about venturing into—or expanding your use of—content marketing? Join Jenn Eldin for this essential session. You'll learn how to:

  • Think through clear guidelines for branded content creation
  • Determine what your customers cares about and give it to them
  • Find inspiration from the experts
  • Set up a newsroom for your brand

At a time when nearly 60 percent of small businesses fail within four years, American Express provides useful content to reduce that number. What new businesses lack is knowhow in the workings of a business: meeting payroll, hiring support staff, paying vendors, managing cash flow.

Find out how you can create content that meets the needs of your customers or stakeholders. Drop the hard sell. Figure out what your customers want—and give it to them. Be true to your strengths, and don’t outsource everything.

And remember: Content is not a campaign. Find out what that means.

Up your content game with one of the best companies in the brand journalism game.

December 2013

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Jenn Eldin

Jenn Eldin leads content for American Express Company's OPEN Forum, an award-winning website dedicated to small business success