The Brand Journalism Revolution: Why companies should think like the media

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Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications & PR Daily, briefly discusses the importance of adding an emotional arc to your corporate storytelling in this excerpt from his full session, "The Brand Journalism Revolution: Why companies should think like the media," presented at Ragan's Conference for Internal Communicators with a Small Staff and Budget on May 12, 2016.

May 2016

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Mark Ragan is the CEO of Ragan Communications in Chicago. He arrived at Ragan after working for 15 years as an award-winning political and investigative reporter for newspapers throughout the United States. He ended his career as a journalist in 1992 after covering three presidential elections, including Ronald Reagan's landslide victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980. Today, Mark is back into the journalistic swing of things at the company his father founded in 1968. In addition to overseeing new product development and the day-to-day operations of the company, Mark acts as editor in chief for the daily news site, the MyRaganTV video platform and the MyRagan social network.