Brand journalism at Coca-Cola: Content and data that cuts through noise?

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A few years back, Coca-Cola took a hard look at its PR and decided it was time to change.

Digital communications were taking off, but Coke’s website had little interactive-potential. It drew a million visitors a month—journalists, job-seekers, fans—but it wasn’t used as a content hub.

So the company launched its new site in 2012, “recognizing the power of storytelling, of great writing of great content, and two-way engagement,” says Jay Moye.

Perhaps you’ve seen the site, admired the platform. Dig into the details of how Coke does it, from creating a digital newsroom to producing dynamic content that fans will share.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why investing in real content is the future of PR
  • How content investment fuels rapid social channel growth
  • Why it's important for communicators to think and act like journalists
  • Whether Big Data is a big resource or just a bigger haystack

Hear what Coca-Cola covers and why. Find out why it choses non-Coke-related content, and learn the five points needed to make a great story, starting with, “Know your audience.” And learn why Coke is cranking out food content.

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April 2014

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Jay Moye

As senior writer and editor for Coca-Cola Journey, the Coca-Cola Company's global digital magazine, Jay Moye oversees editorial strategy, content development and creative direction for the award-winning storytelling platform.