Big brand results on a small budget: How to tell better stories outside the walls of the store

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Have you ever struggled to capture the media’s attention when you have a story you know they ought to be interested in?

Join Whole Foods Market’s Michael Sinatra as he explains how a multinational chain of stores with a minimal ad budget creates a big splash in the media.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to use an event to engage media and solidify your position as an industry expert
  • Best practices in building media relationships through Twitter
  • How leveraging your customer information department can help you stay in front of lurking crises
  • What to do to squelch actual crises in a jiffy
  • Basic, low-cost tools and resources that bring big media results

Wondering how to turn your big announcement into a big media splash? Learn how an event geared toward the media’s needs created tons of coverage for Whole Foods.

Gather ideas for your big announcement. Sinatra tells how a decision not to sell unsustainably caught fish turned into a PR bonanza for the company. It is a case study in managing a media event that drew tons of coverage in New York City, despite the distracted and overbooked media there. National newspapers, broadcasters, and bloggers all covered the event, held in a store.

“Is it just a nice backdrop or is it part of the story?” he says. “And if you can help tell your story, you can also save a lot of money.”

Hear about how Whole Foods uses B-roll, embeddable video, recipe photos, and other content to drive interest among fans and reporters.  Learn about its newsroom and why it is so successful in building buzz—and how it managed another event while minimizing snarky coverage among the notoriously cynical Brooklyn press.

And how Whole Foods goes back to the same media time and time again and still gets pickup for its pitches.

Join us for tips and strategies that will build your success.

April 2014

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Michael Sinatra

Michael Sinatra serves as the public relations and public affairs manager for Whole Foods Market’s Northeast region, based in New Jersey. Michael is exceptionally passionate about food and documents his eating and foraging adventures via his Twitter account, @iateitmyway.