Beyond the speech: How to brand your speakers as true thought leaders

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Natural gas prices are plummeting in the U.S. thanks to enormous shale reserves and an advanced infrastructure.

That’s good news for a company like Dow Chemical, which relies heavily on petroleum products. But energy producers, bless their hearts, want to keep prices as high as possible.

So they are promoting exports, while Dow pushes to keep that gas and black gold in the U.S.

How does that relate to executive communications? Dow is trying to raise its profile in an area where it isn’t well known: energy policy.

In this session, two of the country's leading executive communications experts will share their knowledge on how you can successfully brand your speaker as a thought leader.

You'll learn how to:

  • Build a thought leadership plan that supports your organization's strategy
  • Develop your speaker's unique point of view
  • Build an efficient, proactive speaking calendar
  • Gain return on investment by repurposing your speeches on other channels
  • Identify and win the speaking engagements you care most about
  • Be viewed as a more strategic partner throughout the organization

“When someone is on the stage or behind the podium, they’re actually seen as a thought leader,” she says.

That’s an opportunity. So define your objective before you sent your hapless executive out on the speaking circuit. What does your program need to accomplish, and how can you make it consistent with corporate objectives.

Build your strategic plan. Get buy-in from your senior team, deciding who will speak, how often, and where.

Glean tips for developing the message. A great message is worth gold. Find out how you can avoid shilling your product while still plugging it indirectly.

Learn how to create a plan that goes beyond the speech you’re writing today—or the next speech. Design your master plan, and build your organization strategically.

Think sustainably: Figure out where else you can recycle the same story. After all, what’s a great opportunity worth?

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February 2014

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Fletcher Dean is an award-winning speechwriter and author.

Lori Zetlin

Lori Zetlin is managing partner and co-founder of S3 – Strategic Speaker Services, Inc.