Beyond ROI: Assessing and Adjusting Your Communications Impact

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Measurement is crucial to effective communications campaigns and crisis responses, as well as to achieving business goals proving the value of your efforts. There are few things more important to a communications professional than providing the proper context for relaying your efforts in your executive reports. In this session with Emily Kostic and Patty Goldman from Ad Council, you’ll learn how measurement takeaways and tools to help power your campaigns across industries and channels. You'll also gain inspiration to determine whether your campaigns are on course for success and that you’re tracking the metrics that make the most sense based on your KPIs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to choose which metrics to include, based on your responses and goals
  • Tips for keeping your reports actionable and story-driven, even during times of crisis and change
  • Ways you can focus on the metrics that matter, and what to discard
  • Ideas for tools and resources across budgets and team sizes
  • Ways to set effective goals and objectives
May 2020

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Presenter bio: 

Patty Goldman is Vice President, Strategy & Evaluation at Ad Council. She has over 20 years’ experience driving strategic nonprofit communications.

Emily Kostic is director of PR, Social Media and Brand at the Ad Council, a national organization that uses the power of communications to take on the most pressing issues facing the nation.