Behind every great executive brand … is a great communications person

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When it comes to executives, no two are exactly alike—and no two communicate in the same way. Therein lies the art of executive communications. Discover how to shape an executive brand that remains authentic to who your leaders are while accomplishing business goals.

Key Highlights:

  • Define your executive’s brand personality and platform
  • Shape and shepherd the brand—both in person and online
  • Ensure a consistent voice across social media platforms
  • Evaluate what media and outlets work for your organization
  • Measure success, optimize for what works, and evolve your approach
September 2018

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Stacy Elliott is director of executive communications at Microsoft and has spent 25 years in marketing and communications, with an emphasis in consumer technology. She spent her early career in PR working for Manning Selvage & Lee, Hill+Knowlton and FleishmanHilliard. In the mid-1990s Elliot was recruited to Microsoft’s consumer technology realm, helping Microsoft launch its early consumer-focused technology products. She’s held a variety of marketing and communication roles at Microsoft, and in 2008 launched the first Speaker Bureau for Microsoft’s advertising business. Today, she is the communications director for Microsoft’s EVP and chief HR officer, managing speechwriting, executive communications and public relations.