The Amazing Power of Feedback: How to get it, what to do with it to transform your organization

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Many organizations ask for employee feedback in the annual survey. Some get the feedback but never act on it. The power of feedback comes from getting it, then going back to employees to say what you did with it. When you close the loop with employees and show you've listened, you're much more likely to get useful feedback the next time, and all the time. In this session, Sarah Coakley and Kathleen Vegh will discuss how they solicit feedback from Hyland employees year 'round using the Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Survey, a perpetual eNPS survey, retention interviews, exit interviews and turnover analysis. They combine all this feedback to maintain and transform their employee-centric culture. They create a high-trust environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase employee retention and loyalty
  • Establish employee engagement and HR as strategic business partners
  • Promote a culture of transparency
November 2016

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Presenter bio: 

Sarah Coakley has worked at Hyland for 11 years. She began at Hyland as their minister of culture, planning employee events. She now serves as advisor to the executive team for the voice of the employees.

Kathleen Vegh works in HR at Hyland as the employee engagement manager, a position she's held since 2008. She leads a team that attracts and retains top IT talent in northeastern Ohio by strengthening employee relationships and by building a positive environment of happy, healthy, engaged employees.