7 harsh realities of online content marketing

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Here’s a harsh reality: Most content sucks. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, images—a lot of content that’s out there isn’t interesting or shareable.

So what do you as a communicator or marketer do to make your work stand out? Empower your writers. Quality content gets you where you want to go, says Sonia Simone.

In this fun and irreverent session, Simone examines many aspects of content marketing. You’ll learn:

  • What to do about the resistance we face when we try to sell on social media platforms
  • The hard, cold facts about why no one is reading your company's blog
  • Why communicators don't own our company's message any longer
  • The business realities behind the feel-good "kumbaya" strategies you hear from social media gurus
  • The three-part strategy that turns fans into customers

Content does not promote itself. Learn the formula for getting your content out there. Glean headline tips, and find out how to use well-crafted landing pages that are optimized for conversion.

Find out what it means if you can’t control the conversation—and why you must monitor. And hear about a seldom-spoken truth of SEO: Search engines hate lame content. Discover the importance of getting high-quality content out there.

Simone even offers tips on how to manage your social media time. Learn to prioritize content creation for your own site, and avoid having social media devour your life.

Give the web what it wants. Be useful. Be relevant. Be interesting. Start here.

October 2011

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Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone is a co-founder of Copyblogger Media, a company with a suite of valued marketing and training products and more than 55,000 customers. With annual revenues in the multimillions of dollars and an aggressive growth rate—all without ever taking venture capital of any sort—Copyblogger Media stands in contrast to most Web 2.0 companies. Simone runs the Copyblogger blog, which is consistently at the top of the AdAge Power 150 most influential marketing blogs. Copyblogger attracts more than 270,000 unique visitors a month and is the marketing engine of the company.