5 Reasons Your Content Could Be Holding You Back

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You’re in the grocery store, and a magazine headline grabs your eye. Or you’re scrolling through Facebook, and a BuzzFeed link pops up.

The header is so captivating, you can’t help thumbing through to the story or clicking on the link.

“That’s really what Cosmo is awesome at,” says Marcus Nelson. “They write these amazing, captivating titles, and they suck you in.”

Tease your audience. Woo them. Offer some panache. Find out how, in this captivating session from Nelson. You’ll learn:

  • 5 reasons people share content
  • How to trigger those 5 sharing traits
  • Why your reader should be the rock star
  • How to make your content relatable to the reader
  • The golden rule: Make people feel good about what they share
  • How solving people's problems makes you a media company
  • Why having a corporate blog matters
  • Why all your content should live on that corporate blog
  • You can't fix what you don't measure, so optimize your content

Broadcasting tends to be self-focused, and too many organizations offer snoozer content. Do you make the customer the rock star? Gather tips from Nelson for doing it right.

Find out why your content is failing today. Stop talking about yourself. Come on, did you really think customers care about you or your organization? They’re into themselves and their own problems. Learn to address these.

And those headlines and titles? Boring. Find out how those flashy magazines lure readers with a few words.

Remember, no one “owns” your content. If it’s not someone’s job, it won’t get done. Without executive buy-in, you are three times more likely to fail at content marketing. Find out how to do it right.

And listen: You’re playing it safe. Don’t be afraid to fail: Experiment and create better content than your competition. Your readers can smell the fear. Be bold. Discomfort your fans and do something different from time to time.

Is your content inconsistent? Different departments tell different stories. You need one company story line. Find out how to achieve this while regularly delivering new or timely posts.

And about those channels: Are you too focused on a single one? It’s not about your newsletter or Facebook. It’s about what customer problem you are solving.

Tell that story everywhere your customers go for authoritative information. Learn how with this and other Ragan Training videos—or fall behind.

December 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Marcus Nelson is founder and CEO of Addvocate.com. Marcus is the former director of social media at Salesforce.com. He joined Salesforce in July 2009, where he pioneered and transformed the company's social presence and content. By 2011, he was recognized as one of the most effective social media strategists in the enterprise. In 2012 he left Salesforce to found Addvocate, which enables and measures employee social sharing. With Addvocate's technology and guidance, businesses put a face on the brand experience to spur sales, solve problems, reduce service costs and improve brand reputation.