Using Virtual Experiences to Keep Donors Engaged with Your Mission in a Time of Crisis

The pandemic left many families struggling with job losses, reduced income and increased daily stressors—and donating to the causes and organizations they support may be taking a backseat at the moment. Furthermore, with in-person events cancelled, opportunities to engage supporters were fewer than ever before. Discover how the Nature Conservancy thought outside the box to maintain a high-touch relationship with their donors, develop safe and fun virtual experiences for their audience and continue to drive financial support.

Learn how to:

  • Segment donors and tailor your messaging to best engage with each group’s circumstances in the pandemic
  • Create virtual awareness and fundraising events that cut through Zoom fatigue that engage and inspire audiences in a time of uncertainty
  • Find creative ways to make previously in-person experiences virtual—and how these tactics can remain useful after the pandemic
  • Tap into current trends and priorities for your audience to create relevant and timely donor content
  • Craft communications that show audiences how your mission—and their support—is more critical than ever
  • Alex Novak
    Director, Communications and Marketing
    The Nature Conservancy