Untangling Threads: Solving Top Challenges on Social Media’s “New Big 6”

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead requires mastering the art of untangling threads—and, yes, Threads (100 million users in one week!). From new algorithms to new players, this session weaves together the intricacies of social media’s “New Big 6.” Join for a deep dive into the most pressing challenges facing social media pros looking to stay fresh on Threads and beyond:

  • The Meta question: What’s working on Threads, Instagram and Facebook — plus how best to integrate your accounts, posts and audiences
  • The others: Updates and new features expected on LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and TikTok — plus what the best and brightest brands are doing with their X (Twitter) accounts now
  • What’s next: How to create an adaptable social media strategy that sets you up for success in 2024 — no matter what new threats or opportunities arise
  • Threads unraveled: Essential steps to succeed on the new platform
  • Kristin Tormey
    Global Director, Social Media & Digital Engagement
  • Sydney Perry
    Director of Digital Content
  • Sarakshi Rai
    Head of Social Media and Director of Audience Development
    The Hill