Unlock Your Creativity: Start Making Inspired Infographics that Stand Out

Infographics—those attention-grabbing visuals perfect for clarifying complex ideas—aren’t packing as big a punch as more and more flood the internet. The solution: Creative thinking! In this engaging session, infographics guru Karl Gude will give you practical tips for planning and designing more effective infographics and inspiring creative strategies and ideas to help you think differently so your visual message can rise above the clutter.

Key Highlights:

  • Why visual is better than text to reach your audience
  • How to plan a visual project, with can’t-miss steps for success
  • How to find a story in data and where to find that data
  • The must-have visual tools to display your story effectively
  • Best practices and lessons from widely shared, engaging infographics
  • How to break the bonds of predictable thinking and come up with new ideas
  • Karl Gude
    Director of the Media Sandbox
    Michigan State University