Unleashing Your ‘Capital S’ Story

While Storytelling is the oldest communication technique in human history, it’s only the most focused and specifically-structured stories that keep audiences tuning in. In this session, Paul Furiga, storytelling expert and author of “Finding Your Capital S Story” will explain how you can figure out your organization’s individual ‘Capital S’ story to engage the most important stakeholders. You’ll learn:

  • The science proving the effectiveness of storytelling in today’s jumbled, overloaded digital age
  •  How to work with your colleagues and leadership to begin the process of uncovering your organization’s story
  • Strategies for identifying the storytelling archetype that best suits your organization and differentiate your approach for internal and external audiences
  • Tips for using the storytelling process to emphasize your organization’s values—free of jargon and focused on fostering a shared human experience.
  • Paul Furiga
    President and Chief Storyteller