Unexpected Omnichannel PR: The Art of Agile, Authentic Brand-Building

The public now experiences multiple touchpoints when interacting with a brand. That means you need to deliver one consistent brand story across the entire PESO spectrum. But even that’s not enough anymore. Join to discover how to elevate your omnichannel storytelling by embracing the unexpected — so you can seize amazing new opportunities for sizzle before they fizzle.

We’ll uncover:

  • Defining and orchestrating agile “Omnichannel” brand-building in today’s always-on content mix.
  • Ensuring “Authenticity” — and why it matters more than ever in the AI era.
  • Practicing “Unexpected” brand storytelling: Seizing surprising opportunities — examples from Master Chef to Broadway.
  • 5 strategies to harness the power of authentic, always-ready stories across the PESO spectrum:
    • Building an authentic, audience-centered vision and voice.
    • Building a story pipeline.
    • Building and sharing media-ready packages — for mainstream and social media alike.
    • Building agility: Adjusting to 24/7 demands (including weekends and holidays).
    • Breaking what you built: Seeking out instead of freaking out about unexpected media opps.
  • Lauren Keane
    Associate Vice President of Communications
    Southern New Hampshire University
  • Scott Thomsen
    Past President
    National Association of Government Communicators