Total Rewards: Finding the Right Mix for Your Organization

What does your Total Rewards program look like? Is it the right mix of financial and non-financial offerings? To create an effective Total Rewards program, you must have an organizational strategy that optimizes your costs and investments and provides benefits that can work for everyone in your organization. Listen to expert Total Rewards consultants and a Chief Human Resources Officer as they show you how to address everyone’s holistic wellbeing and help your bottom line.

  • Getting the right mix of rewards to compete in the global talent marketplace
  • Using AI solutions to evaluate your Total Rewards program outcomes and make adjustments accordingly
  • The changing expectations of a multi-generational workforce and what benefits matter most to each generation
  • A future-focused approach to rewards that improves employee retention and overall job performance
  • The best metrics for measuring the success of your Total Rewards benefits
  • Jess Zafarris
    Director of Content
    Ragan and PR Daily
  • Anniese Lemond
    Senior Director Compensation
    Denver Health
  • Betsy Rodriguez
    Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
    Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Jennifer Sanchez
    Director of Communications, Interim Assistant Vice President
    University of Miami