The Science of Ruling the Stage: Unleash Neuroscience for Stellar Public Speaking

You’re improving your memory through cognitive training every time you rehearse a speech, even if you’re feeling nervous. That’s just the beginning of the neuroscience secrets you’ll learn in this first-of-its-kind session. By understanding why the brain triggers certain behaviors and how to optimize its functions, you can achieve the elusive holy grail of public speaking — delivering your message with greater control, credibility and confidence. Join to learn:

  • Self-assessment: How to be in control of your internal system under pressure and deliver your best performance.
  • How to activate your “sense of aliveness” and propel your impact and presence at the podium.
  • Ideas to manage stage nerves and anxiety.
  • How to increase your emotional vocabulary to create greater audience empathy, rapport and unforgettable moments.
  • Bruna De Palo, PCC
    Neuroscience-Based Executive Coach
    Think and Act Differently