The power of shared experience: Connecting leaders with employees on a human level

At REI, people know the magic in hitting a trail, climbing a rock or skiing a run together. It’s a lesson REI’s communicators apply to helping senior leaders connect with employees across the organization. Broadcast communications are important—but so is what happens between those moments. Learn how breaking down hierarchy and embracing the unique aspects of your culture can build trust and confidence.

Key Highlights:

  • Get tips on how to help executives connect with employees on a human level—even when delivering tough messages
  • Learn how to think “outside the memo”—ways to connect employees with leaders that leave a lasting impact
  • Understand the power of employee feedback as a tool to help guide senior leaders
  • Hear about the pitfalls to avoid and learn from REI’s mistakes
  • Diana Kowalsky
    Director of communications and public affairs
    Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)