The New Twitter Playbook: Breakthrough tactics that ignite business and engagement

Twitter continues to soar. It’s projected to grow 23 percent to 375 million users in three years. What’s more, top brands on Twitter are aggressively increasing their engagement and conversion rates. More efficient Twitter ads now drive leads at one-third the cost of other paid channels. Are you using Twitter to its fullest potential? Are you using the latest tools and tactics to increase your Twitter following? Join this session and learn how to use organic and paid features alike to build brand, buzz and business on Twitter. The best practices you take away will transform your Twitter presence into a highly directed and profitable one.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Twitter features you can use today—from design upgrades to improved analytics
  • Why you must update your Twitter strategy to grow your followers and business
  • The latest insights for integrating Vine and Periscope video into your Twitter strategy
  • Fresh ways to create compelling tweets and share-worthy Twitter images
  • Innovative ideas for using Twitter chats and #hashtags to build a loyal following
  • Better advertising: How to use Twitter ads, promoted tweets, cards and retargeting to deliver maximum results at minimum cost
  • New ways to attract followers to your site to ignite sales—and prove your success
  • Stacey Miller
    VP, Communications
    Auto Care Association