Intranet Pandemic Pivot: How a “Team of One” Can Quickly Scale with UGC Content

Your employees want content and answers to their questions at the same speed they’re accustomed to in their personal life—especially in a time of uncertainty. In such a rapidly changing world, that speed is also critical for your organization to keep everyone on the same page and avoid costly miscommunication. This deep-dive intranet walkthrough shows you how to do it quickly—and with limited resources. You’ll learn: 

  • How to quickly conceive, create and cascade compelling intranet content  
  • How to cross train employees to help capture and post UGC (including videos from team meetings and more) 
  • Fun, budget friendly ideas to try: Easy ways to create community-building content like ideas for improvement, executive Q&As, introduce-your-WFH-coworker (pets, pets and more pets!) and more 
  • Rapid-response toolkits: How to provide essential resources for employees during periods of rapid change—from Covid-19 to M&A updates 
  • How to harness your intranet to empower ERGs around important topics like  DEI 
  • Brianne McClure
    Employee Communications Manager
    Keysight Technologies