The Hybrid Workplace Toolkit: Build Trust and Boost Dispersed Engagement

Yesterday’s town halls and texts don’t have what it takes to align and inspire today’s more dispersed workforce. If you want to win the battle against remote distractions and unite your employees, it’s time to rethink your toolkit. In this session, you’ll get the playbook to energize teams wherever they are—and build better engagement across the organization. You’ll learn:

  • What a return-to-office plan looks like in today’s hybrid environment
  • The tools one global organization is using to cascade that plan
  • New ways to look at your digital stack: How to choose the best tools for your culture and budget (incl. platforms like Sparrow, Microsoft Viva, Dynamic Signal and more)
  • How to bridge the gaps with digital signage and apps without Office 365 privileges
  • Bonus: How to track and impact broader business outcomes—including eNPS scores
  • Kimberly Tate-Nuwar
    Senior Director of Communications
    LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group