The Future of Work Is Now: What It Means to Communication, Collaboration and Culture

Talk about disruption! The last few years changed the very nature of work and automation promises to change it even more in the years ahead. But one thing remains constant: A great customer experience begins with a great employee experience. To ensure your organization is enjoying the cost-saving and competitive benefits of a positive employee experience, you must first provide your workforce with the tools and support it needs to innovate, collaborate and enhance productivity in today’s hybrid workplace. Join this session with one of the nation’s leading enterprise collaboration experts to hear:

  • What the research says about the future of work (hint: it’s hybrid)
  • The types of tools teams need to boost collaboration and productivity
  • Ways communicators can get IT, HR and employees on the same hybrid page
  • What’s next for the ecology of work and Gen Z workstyles
  • Top 5 trends to watch in the future of work (from data-driven accountability to dynamic connectivity and beyond)
  • Nazareth Vartanian
    Director of Global Engineering & Operations, Enterprise Collaboration