The Future of the PR Budget: How to Do More with Less

Resources will undoubtedly be tight for communicators, but you’re probably also not a stranger to stretching budgets and getting the biggest bang for your campaign buck. Where should you prioritize your dollars as we enter the new year, and how can you do more for less, especially as communications campaigns and strategies change during times of uncertainty? Join us for a discussion with Gladys Hernandez, Director of Marketing & Advocacy for Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, and Hillary Kwiatek, Employee Communications Specialist for Lehigh University, for insights on how to work with limited or shrinking PR and internal communications budgets, especially as organizations continue to combat the fallout of COVID-19.

You’ll learn:

  • Which communications efforts to invest in and where to scale back
  • Ideas for repurposing content, stretching media coverage wins and more
  • How to grab a larger piece of the budget pie, especially when resources are scarce (Hint: It’s all about measurement)
  • Why you need a multi-tiered communications budget as the next year progresses
  • Gladys Hernandez
    Director of Marketing & Advocacy
    Habitat for Humanity of Orange County
  • Hillary Kwiatek
    Employee communications specialist
    Lehigh University