The future of social media, part two: How The Onion remains relevant in an era of ‘fake news’ and digital disruption

Many people are surprised to learn that “America’s Finest News Source” has been around for over three decades. The longevity and success of The Onion, the original satirical news source, is due to the digital media company’s agility in innovating, experimenting and evolving with the times. With more than 7 million monthly unique website visitors, 6.5 million Facebook fans and 11 million Twitter followers, The Onion is a more influential and important satirical force than ever. Ryan Shattuck, senior social and digital media manager for The Onion and ClickHole, will part the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what brings the publications’ content and voice to life, and how The Onion survives and remains relevant in this era of ‘fake news’ and digital disruption.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to train, not trick, your audience
  • The importance of brand voice in and out of the social media ecosystem
  • How to respect your audience with the content you share
  • Ideas for infusing humor into your social media engagement
  • Ryan Shattuck
    Senior social and digital media manager
    The Onion and Clickhole