The Future of Measurement: Trust, Authenticity and Impact

Hard numbers are only part of the equation when identifying outputs, outcomes and potential impact. Because shifting stakeholder expectations require your brand or organization to be increasingly held accountable for doing what it says it will, you’ll need to design measurable KPIs around trust and authenticity. In this session, we’ll look at the updated Barcelona Principles 3.0 as a framework for how measurement strategies are changing to keep up with the results your stakeholders want to see.

We’ll explore:

  • Why setting measurable goals from the outset is a prerequisite to communication planning and evaluation
  • The difference between outputs, outcomes and potential impact to give your results context
  • How to derive qualitative analysis from quantitative metrics
  • The shift away from measuring AVEs and why they no longer effectively illustrate the value of communication
  • Holistic communication measurement and evaluation strategies that include all relevant online and offline channels
  • How rooting your measurement in integrity and transparency drives more actionable insights
  • Joy Seusing
    VP, Global Communications
  • Johna Burke
    Global Managing Director
  • Jenny Caven
    Director of External Affairs
    Slimming World
  • Bret Werner