The future of Marketing: Creating a “Clean Slate” Moment

Marketing is changing at a dizzying pace and marketers must take advantage of any opportunity to adapt and improve their function. Once you learn to recognize them, “clean slate” moments—whether they’re organizational changes or emerging trends—have the potential to revamp and reinvigorate your marketing.

Join Aimee Schuster, chief marketing officer of Miller Heiman Group, and Dave Parro, partner and senior vice president of client services at Walker Sands, for an in-depth look at how they took advantage of the ultimate “clean slate” moment to transform an outdated, ineffective marketing department into a digital-first, results-driven organization. In her first nine months on the job, Schuster rebranded the 40-year-old Miller Heiman Group, rebuilt its marketing technology stack, implemented a new lead-flow process and closed-loop reporting, launched a new global website in six languages and introduced a new SaaS platform to market. She did this all with a skeleton marketing team and a new marketing agency that started on the same day she did. Schuster and Parro will give an insider’s look into the transformation process, along with providing tips and takeaways on how you can create your own “clean slate” moments to implement change in your organization.

  • Dave Parro
    Partner and senior vice president of client services and strategy
    Walker Sands
  • Aimee Schuster
    Chief marketing officer
    Miller Heiman Group