The Future of Manager Communications and Empowering Leadership Through Change

Now more than ever before, managers are interacting with employees in more authentic and meaningful ways as they confront burnout and stress, communicate difficult business decisions and workforce realignments and more. Naomi Jones, Communications Director for SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, and Allison Jackson, Director of Corporate Communications at KPMG, will reveal ways you can better equip tomorrow’s managers for success.

You’ll learn:

  • Psychological best practices for effective communications and conflict resolution
  • Ways to give your managers freedom to communicate and crucial information and assets
  • How managers can better open up two-way conversations, recognize employees more frequently and elicit crucial feedback
  • Best practices to help managers and leaders support employee wellness—along with the business case for doing so
  • Naomi Jones
    Communications Director
    SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK
  • Allison Jackson
    Director of Corporate Communications