The Embrace: How to compete for digital relevance through pervasive storytelling and engagement

Consumers are overwhelmed with content and ways to consume it. Multiple screens, apps and social media channels make it challenging to stand out. Worse, traditional marketing fails to use the narrative structure and emotional journeys that captivate audiences. The good news: Pervasive storytelling breaks through digital clutter regardless of platform. Brian Solis reveals how digital storytelling grounded in the “Hero’s Journey” can revitalize your audience relevance—and kick your social media results into high gear. You’ll leave this inspiring keynote with the practical steps to create and share engaging content for every network, screen and format—achieving what Solis calls “the embrace.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Traits of great stories: What you must know about the “Hero’s Journey”
  • What pervasive storytelling is, what it looks like and how to use it
  • How to create emotional experiences for audiences with short attention spans
  • How storytelling arcs vary by social media channel and medium and how to use this insight to drive greater reach and results
  • What Pixar teaches us: How to use storyboards to focus on audience experience, characters and medium so stories are relevant and magical
  • How to achieve “the embrace”: What happens after you have your audience’s attention—the effect of design and customer experience on brand stories
  • “Seven Rules of Successful Content Marketing”: How to overcome shiny-object syndrome, content-calendar fixation and the curse of “medium-ism”